We’ve tried to get all the information you need onto these pages, but if you think of something we haven’t addressed, we’ll add it here to our FAQ


General Subscription

How many issues of the magazine get published each year?
Skate[Slate] publishes six print issues a year, including the end of the year print Photo Annual. Each issue goes to print approximately 60 days after the previous one.
I want to subscribe, will I get the current issue? When will my subscription start?
Please use the following calendar of cut off dates to understand what issue you will receive depending upon when you subscribe. If you subscribe after the cut off date for a particular issue, your subscription will start with the next issue.


Issue #13 – Spring 2015 – March 3rd 2015
Issue #24 – Early Summer 2015 – May 3rd 2015
Issue #25 – Late Summer 2015 – July 3rd 2015
Issue #26 – Fall 2015 – September 3rd 2015
Issue #27 – Winter 2015 – November 3rd 2015
Issue #28 – Photo Annual 2015 – December 3rd 2015

If you cancel before you receive your next issue you can always request a refund for any payments applied to non-shipped issues.

Where do I download the mobile versions of the magazine?
Skate[Slate] publishes apps on the most popular devices. You can download our apps for free below. Once your app is installed, simply launch and login with the username/password Skate[Slate] provided you. A login is available to all Enthusiast and Premier Subscribers.

There are other “Longboarding Magazine” apps out there sold by MagazineCloner. Those apps are sold via a 3rd party and are not free. They are not part of the Skate[Slate] Subscription Program

What if I hate Paypal, can I pay by credit card or check?
Yes, Skate[Slate] currently supports Paypal & Credit Card. We do not currently have plans to add support for checks.
I would like to cancel my subscription but I have already paid some towards the next issue, can I get a refund?
Of course you can, we guarantee your satisfaction. Simply let us know you want to cancel and we’ll refund any charges towards un-shipped issues. You can cancel your subscription at any time in appropriate Subscription Center below.

v2.0 Subscription Center
v1.0 Subscription Center (December 2012 – May 2013)
Charter Subscription Center (November 2012).
Subscribers prior to November 2012 need to administer their accounts via Paypal.

How do I access my mobile subscription?
Once you have subscribed to the Enthusiast or Premier Subscription you can use the same username and password that you created in our marketplace. You will be ale to login and download current and past issues of the magazine on Apple, Android, and Amazon tablet & phone devices.
I am a current annual subscriber of Longboarding Magazine and subscribed before the new bi-monthly recurring program was launched. What are my options to join the new subscription program?
We definitely don’t want to leave our past subscribers out in the cold. If you have a strong desire to join the new program before your past annual subscription runs out, then please contact us and we’ll see how we can help. Of course if you can wait until your existing subscription expires, you can simply cancel your auto-renewal via your Paypal login and then sign up for the new program once your final issue arrives.


Shipping Questions

Is shipping included with my Enthusiast Subscription?
Skate[Slate] includes first class shipping to the US in your low monthly charge. There are no additional shipping fees. However, shipping to Canada is $0.98 per issue and shipping to the rest of the world is $4.98 per issue.
I live in Puerto Rico, what subscription should I sign up for?
Shipments to Puerto Rico are considered domestic, so just subscribe for any option that is labeled for the US.
I want to give a subscription as a gift, can I specify a different shipping address than billing address?
Yes, our subscriptions are setup so you can give them as gifts. Just specify the correct contact & shipping address when it asks for it.
Will you ship to APO addresses?
Yes, we support our troops with APO shipping and delivery confirmation. Just choose one of the domestic US subscriptions.
I have moved since I subscribed, how do I change my mailing address?
You are not alone, our subscribers move all the time. Please email us at contact at skateslate dot com to update your mailing address.


Premier Subscription

What type of wheels will you ship me?
Skate[Slate] works with a number of leading wheel manufacturers to bring you their most popular models. Freeride wheels tend to be the most popular styles, with sizes in the 65mm-75mm range, and duros around 78a to 82a. You will receive a different set of wheels from a different partner with each shipment you receive.
Which wheel manufacturers are you currently partnering with?
Skate[Slate] is currently partnering with Abec 11, Bustin, Cadillac, Landyachtz, Orangatang, Sector 9, and Venom. We expect to expand the program to additional manufacturers over time.
Is shipping included with my Premier Subscription?
Shipping for US Premier subscribers is $5.95 per issue. Canadian Premier subscribers pay $19.95 per issue, and International Premier subscribers pay $24.98 per issue.