Subscriber Testimonials

Thanks to all our Subscribers!

We love it when we get fan mail, and positive letters to the editor. Below are some recent good vibes sent our way.

Thanks for your time. As a skater and journalism/design major, Im a huge fan of your magazine. That next issue can never come soon enough…


Radical, thanks man! Skate[Slate] is legitimately one of my favorite publications and one do my favorite sites on the web. You guys are killin’ it, keep up with the awesome work!


Thanks, awesome work, awesome magazine, and phenomenal customer service! I recommend it to everyone I know.


Thanks a lot Skate[Slate]! Really love your customer service and all the hard work on the magazine.
Have a Merry Christmas


Skate[Slate] Fall 2012 feels good in my hand. The cover is just bloody wonderful and I even had a little sniff (I do that). Smells good. I love it when SS comes through the office here at Heelside. I get to pull my head out of my arse and just read and enjoy someone else’s mag! Such a relief! Anyhoo, just wanted to say I got pretty jazzed about the “Letter from the Editor”
Thats all. Thanks man.


Dear Skate[Slate], all that I have to say is… You Guys Rock!! Love the website and mag. They both inspire me to skate harder each day. Your fan.

Ed W.

I love you guys, and I was wondering if you guys could hook me up with some stickers so I can show everyone how much I love you guys? Keep up the great work! Thanks!